As an artist, I have chosen printmaking as my medium. I get excited about ink and paper. The textures, the subtle build-up of sheen in successive ink layers, the gentle dimensionality impressions leave on the sheet, the feel of the printing blocks, the sounds, and scents – it’s the whole mix. It is seductive, challenging, often surprising, and always exhilarating.
In employing traditional and current methods of image- and print-making the results connect me to our past while allowing me to speak with contemporary relevance.

Lately, I have also been interested in artist's books. Printmaking and book arts share the same birth mother. Artists' books can beautifully showcase a suite of prints; types enrich the work graphically. Sometimes the work is type-driven, which really should be thought of as mark-making. Books substantially aid me as a printmaker, provide context, impart rhythm, and provide a tangible dimensional experience. There is a link to my Book Arts on the menu bar.

West and East, joined at the hip, weave their threads into complex tapestries, though leaving much of us uncovered.

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